How we work

We, the Inpsyde team, work remote. We don’t have a normal office workplace, our home is anywhere in the world and on the internet. That means, too, that we are very flexible and that we can integrate our job easily into our lifes. Would you like to know more about the way we work? Don’t hesitate to ask!

Particularly because we are able to integrate our job into our lives, we have lots of funny ideas – for example our T-shirt-challenge 2016. Some Inpsyder took their Inpsyde-green-T-shirt on their vacation and sent creative holiday greetings to their colleagues.

Employee map worldwide

What team means to us

Some may think, being a team means being a sworn crew seing each other in the office, in manufacturing halls or on the soccer field every day. Some may think, being a team means being totally focused on achieving one goal. But we are a special kind of team.

Although we see each other rarely, we work closely together through latest communication channels. We live honesty and openness – each and every opinion is desired, appreciated and respected.  Through mutual exchange, we grow together as a team. And it’s not only one goal we try to reach: Each customer project has its own  targets – and we, the Inpsyde team, aim at achieving every single one.

That’s why we are the way we are:

  • Our heart is not a muscle, our heart is open source: We are one part of a big community, where we provide more than 30 plugins for free, where we offer support and where we further develop with our active cooperation.
  • We work as core contributor to further develop WordPress. This is something we are very proud of.
  • Further development happens also through mutual exchange. That’s why we regularly sponsor and organize WordCamps and visit Meetups worldwide.
  • We think about the future. Thus, we share our knowledge and our experiences by making presentations at WordCamps or giving information in our blog. We talk about our ideas and new approaches and always search for young talents to support.

Do you like our way of working? Do you wish to work at Inpsyde? Apply now!

The Inpsyde Team

It’s the people behind the company that matter – they are individuals having hobbies, interests and wishes besides their job. We are proud of every single employee and are pleased to introduce all Inpsyders to you now.

Alexander Frison


Frank Bültge


Heinz Rohé


Robert Windisch


Steffi Nass

WordPress Project Manager

David Remer

WordPress Engineer

Moritz Meißelbach

WordPress Engineer

David Naber

WordPress Engineer

Jessica Lyschik

WordPress Engineer

Mike Pretzlaw

WordPress Engineer

Dugi Surdulli

Dugaxhin Surdulli

WordPress Engineer

Sebastian Pajor arbeitet als Projektmanager bei Inpsyde.

Sebastian Pajor

WordPress Project Manager

Daniel Hüsken

WordPress Engineer

Giuseppe Mazzapica

WordPress Engineer

Christian Brückner

WordPress Engineer

Cristiano Baptista

WordPress Engineer

Rich Winterstetter

WordPress Project Manager

Eduardo Garces Hernandez

WordPress Engineer

Tobias Zimpel

WordPress Engineer

Philipp Bammes

WordPress Engineer

Willem Prins

WordPress Engineer

Christine Deppe

WordPress Project Manager

Emili Castells

WordPress Engineer

Guido Scialfa

WordPress Engineer

Dario Morbidi

WordPress Engineer

Christina Fuchs

Marketing & Products

Cuong Duong


Andreas Weiss


Elisa Haseloff is project manager at Inpsyde.

Elisa Haseloff

Business Operations Manager

Uschi Arrets

Office Manager

Alina Bogner


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